The amazing colour, beauty and texture of the shale of Nova Scotia which features so highly in Cheryl’s photography, is also integral to her Spirit Speak Sticks and Stones. The aesthetics of shale, feathers, crystals and gems, are not only a delight to the senses, they are imbued with an energy that comforts, surprises and challenges our very sense of self.

Hassen Artist-In-Action 1

SPIRIT SPEAK is an exciting line of art by shale artist Cheryl Hassen. The elements are natural and have a palpable positive energy to them. There is so much to the story of shale in its layer upon layer, individually fragile nature and yet when the layers combine they form a massive strength.“There is metaphor, colour, texture, form, composition and light in working with shale. I love that about it. It offers something different every time. As a result, each piece of art is one-of-a-kind and personal.”

Inspired by shale and the symbol of the feather, a quill—Cheryl’s art reminds us that we can write and continually rewrite the story that is our life by focusing on our positive thoughts and attitude. Known for her“excellent sense of design” Cheryl takes a conscious approach to packing a positively powerful artistic punch in letting these Spirit Speak Sticks and Stones speak to you.

"Hi Cheryl, Thinking of you as I look at my newest Spirit Speak. Wow. My whole body vibrates when I hold it. What you create is powerful and amazing. Just wanted to say hello and thank you."

"Beauty, happiness, calmness, precious gifts that I treasure in my home."



Spirit Speak 2016